Our stuff...not all of it. just some of it ;)

wake up call

coffee. tea. another coffee. crawling out of bed and getting dressed in the dark...avoiding phone calls and messages at this point.

getting down to business.

grumbling about the number of emails. unsubscribing from spam. turning on the tv in the background. perhaps heading to secondary location to do business.

tying up loose ends

winding down, deleting what's not needed, and making sure the list is ready for the morning. tried to tie up loose ends...and realized there's too many!

what is an investment worth to your business in the long run?

All too often the impression you think you're giving is very different to the one you actually are.



Think of just three words or traits you want to exude when people see your website design (words such as 'organized', 'friendly', 'accomplished' etc.). With those traits in mind, now take a good look at your website homepage. Is it an adequate reflection?

Getting a website right does take work and commitment. If you want it to succeed you must spend time to get it right and present the right impression to your potential customers.

Your priorities are clearly visible to every potential customer that visits your site and can therefore reveal a great deal about you like:

• your business priorities • how your organization is structured and run • whether you focus on your customers • if you are easy to deal with • your attitudes • whether you pay attention to detail • if you are trustworthy

stop outspending. start outsmarting.

We DO judge a book by its cover. And yet...many businesses stop caring about what their site LOOKS like. They get 'stuck' with a designer that is able to use the program code but has no idea how to design. OR, they get scared that the new design will not be worth the money they spent.

Are you sending out a 'message' to your potential customers or practically posting a great big sign that says something far less desirable?

No/wrong website focus - website either not focused on the customers needs or focused on the wrong things. The potential customer doesnt receive a positive and clear message about who you are, how you do business, etc.

Poor layout - poorly organised webpage/website. No clear sense of order. Lack of clear prioritizing and decision making, probably a reflection of the organisation.

Not easy to use - difficult to use website and website functions. Often these technical functions have the most sophisticated software known to man to do a particular function like buying a train ticket. Unfortunately they didnt consider how real people actually want to use the website or website functions.

Too much animation/other - extra stuff that doesn't serve any real purpose apart from distraction. We absolutely love flashing things and lots of bling...the more the better. More an experiment than a business. Big sign would read: "Our web designer is better than yours, but we really don't pay attention to user friendliness. Vegas anyone?

Difficult to contact anyone - the online equivalent to an electric fence. Typically employed by big corporations. Theyve gone to great lengths to make sure its very, very difficult to actually email anyone within the organisation. Big sign would read: "We are far too big and rich to speak to 'the little people' who actually buy and use our products. Go away!"

Did you recognise any of these from your virtual travels on the Internet? Does your site have any of them? If so, it will have a harmful affect and direct influence on your image and reputation. Make your site the best it can be.